The Words and Photographs of Dan Powell


New Website(s)

I’ve made the switch to tumblr after a good amount of back-and-forth. I like the simplicity of tumblr. It’s easy to share my photos, and I usually don’t have a whole lot to say.


That new site is here:

My photography portfolio site is here:


If someone wants to post under this username, I’m happy to pass it off to you. Send me a message through tumblr or find my email address on my website. So long wordpress, at least for now..


Study break.

Pam & Tom

A few weeks ago I got to drive out to Cape Cod to shoot a wedding. I would have liked to get these photos done sooner, but school is going full steam, and I’ve just gotten over an awful case of the flu which lasted well over a week. Never a dull moment!

The wedding was great; everyone was friendly and relaxed, and the location and weather were amazing!

They didn’t want a football team group photo, and there were a lot of them. Jumping seemed like a logical choice.