The Words and Photographs of Dan Powell


Just some images from today..

This is my godfather.

And some landscapes on the way home.

Canon EOS 40D.


2 responses

  1. Jason Wilber

    So dan. Needless to say i’m quite envious of your photography ability. I love the images from the 40D, it must be one amazing piece of equipment. the color seems so rich. just a question. the color landscape below the iphone pictures. what editing do you do to make it look the way it does, if any? whenever i shoot a landscape the land part is always overexposed because the light in the sky is so bright. and i don’t have photoshop but i’m assuming thats what you use?

    9 October, 2007 at 01:28

  2. The one in color I actually did a pretty significant amount of editing on. I think I shot it in RAW mode, processed it, and then opened it in Photoshop. For pretty much all landscapes I will use quick mask mode, which lets you use a brush tool to mask some of the image. In this case I masked the land, then brought down the exposure of the sky slightly. Then I inverted the selection and brought out some shadow detail in the trees (not a ton). Then I used the sponge tool to selectively push the saturation of the trees a bit.

    Of course, all of these effects can be achieved in-camera, but I don’t have the filters yet, so I have to compromise, and I feel horrible for manipulating the image so much. My birthday’s coming up though, so I’ll probably buy some filters with the money I get.

    Although I must say, I think all the other images except for the first one are straight out of the camera.

    9 October, 2007 at 02:44

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