The Words and Photographs of Dan Powell

Before I go off to college…

Well, I almost got Chloe’s senior picture.. but we’re going to do another session to get a real winner.

Oh yeah.. I’m going to RPI. I’m not sure I ever mentioned my final decision. But yeah, that’s where I’m going. And I leave August 24 so my days at home are now numbered..

Here’s an old old HDR that I remade for a classmate/friend of mine (I printed a 20×30 of it to put in her dorm room). It’s a view that I see pretty often since it’s on my road.

So.. I’ve been working a lot for the newspaper. Shot a couple things, one was a football game that got me a very cool-looking press pass. Here’s one from it that I kind of liked..

Then what.. I had to shoot a street festival right in town, and whilst there I made some photos for fun.

This is Nina, Padmavati’s neighbor’s dog. Another photo of her made it into the paper and her owners were pretty excited about it, haha.

Old Man River was out and about as well..

Padmavati and I have dubbed this bench the Useless Bench because you sit and look at the back of this nice big bulletin board. This couple seemed to be enjoying the view, but not quite as much as we do.

I met some AT hikers too. The guy in the middle has one of my business cards and when he’s made it all the way to Maine he’s going to comment on this post.

I kind of liked this one.

I also had to shoot an ox pull that same day. Pretty exciting.. in a not-very-exciting sense.

Then came the exciting part – a day trip to Cape Cod!

Govinda was pretty amped. Then at the beach…

He was working the mean look.

Then we got ice cream.. it was amazing. Fresh-made chocolate-dipped waffle cones. Doesn’t get much better than that.

I made a special request to go to the beach again before we left. The sun had set and it was a little overcast, but I’ve always wanted to make one of those L.L. Bean kind of photos on the beach. I don’t think I quite got it since we only had 5-10 minutes to find a place and shoot, but I grabbed a couple that I really like.

Intense look! 😉

And then Govinda took one of us.

And then he jumped.

Then Padmavati came over and we made some photos, in addition to chocolate-chip cookies.

There’s a pretty cool stable near my house that I don’t think is being used, so we went there.

I took this while I was getting the focus set for the next one..

And that’s it! I guess I’ll leave you with a photo I made a few weeks ago. I was driving and I stopped and turned around because I really liked it. I shot some footage of it too, with cars going by. I love Vermont.


One response

  1. Misha

    You´re really good photographer :o) I like your photos.

    5 September, 2009 at 11:50

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