The Words and Photographs of Dan Powell


So I’m done with my first year at RPI (decent grades, it was fun, but I’m definitely happy to be not there anymore) and I’m writing this from a nice air-conditioned hotel in Florida. My cousin got married today and though I was not the official photographer I still brought my camera (how couldn’t I?) plus the trusty little Canonet with a couple rolls of black and white film.

I shot wayyy too many photos of the dancing, as I always do at weddings. There’s only 30 here because I have to upload these to imageshack and then copy-paste each direct link into WordPress with an image tag and it’s a pain! There’s an album with 120 in it here. And if you want to see some more stuff I also have a flickr here.

Just about all of these are straight out of the camera. The black and white ones aren’t, naturally, and I tweaked exposure/colors for one or two others. It’s much easier to shoot weddings with beautiful light and no pressure and people you know. 😉

You should see more photos more frequently from me this summer now that I’m not taking 7 classes.


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