The Words and Photographs of Dan Powell


Jackie & Marc

I got to make a quick trip home last weekend to shoot an awesome wedding. Here are some of the highlights.

Right at 3PM when the ceremony was supposed to begin, it started raining. Hard.

Despite the weather, everyone was still all smiles!

Once the storm passed, everyone headed back up the hill.

Corruption. 😉

Amazing dinner..

Amazing cake..

And an amazing sunset.

Stay tuned, I’ve got another wedding this coming weekend!


I’ve been pretty buried in homework since classes started. It was nice to end this week by picking up my camera and going out before the sun set.

I’m going home to shoot a wedding next weekend, and in three weeks I’ve got another. So you’ll see more soon.

Until then it’s more work, less sleep, and occasionally resorting to Chipotle for dinner.

I made a last-minute trip from rainy Vermont to sunny Philadelphia to visit my brother.

Everyone in the city was too busy to pay attention to me.

Then I got to go watch a Phillies game.

And saw a friendly barber.

Now I’m back at school. Hoping to keep this updated.. We’ll see how I do. 🙂

Newspaper Work

Here’s some work I’ve done for the local newspaper this summer. Click on the pictures to go to each gallery.

As a fundraiser for the local recreation center, the country club held a friendly golfing competition.

This was an event in the parking lot of my local ski area where teams of oxen were pulling thousands of pounds of weight.

A local horse association had chefs come from all over the area serve samples of their food, accompanied by horses dancing and jumping.

A classmate of mine likes to slackline in town, and has drawn some attention with it.

This was a swim meet at a fairly new aquatic center. The governor showed up.

I’m moving back to Troy in less than a week now!

It’s really nice to be back in Vermont.

Whilst in Maine we made a day trip to Acadia National Park. It was a pretty hazy day that got slightly clearer towards sunset, so the better photos are at the end. 🙂

So I finished my 6-month internship at Hasbro, and got to have a little 10-day vacation with my family up in Castine, Maine.